My Near Death Experience

I was 16 years old and very sick. I was having a mononucleosis. I had been sick for about two months already. My fever was very high and my throat was really swollen. It had been this way for weeks and I wasn´t able to talk properly because my tongue was also extremely swollen. I couldn´t eat anything and I hadn´t been able to drink a sip for two weeks. I mean literally, not a sip. So basically I was supposed to be dead by then. I had been seeing doctors every week but nobody took seriously my bad condition. I was given antibiotics but I couldn´t take them anymore because I couldn´t swallow anything, not even my own saliva. And yet it was impossible for others to really see my condition. 

I don´t remember too much about details of those weeks. I was so so tired. I had terrible pains. My whole body was aching because of high fever, and I had difficulties to breath. Every cell of my body was in pain. I was ready to give up. It had been going on for so many weeks and there were no signs that my situation would get better. I was mad because I wasn´t taken seriously. No-one believed that I had not been drinking anything for two weeks. They said it was impossible, I´d be dead if that was true. I was lying, they said. "That´s what teenagers do." It made me cry. Nobody believed me! I felt I was left on my own. 

Then one night I was ready to give up. I did not see a single reason to live anymore. I had been so sick for so long and nobody seemed to do anything to really help me. I had begged to get in the hospital hoping that there I´d been taken care of. But doctors didn´t think that was necessary. 

I was ready to go back home. Back to the Light and Love. I was certain that I´d be in a happy place after dying. I had all my friends from the spiritual world beside me, so I knew I woudn´t be alone. 

I remember my aunt was sitting by my bed. I knew that the moment I´d fall asleep, I wouldn´t breath anymore. That felt like a huge relief. I was so ready for that. I had tears in my eyes, I was so happy. I looked at my aunt and told I was going to get some sleep and she could go away. But she didn´t leave me. She knew what might happen if she did. I was so tired that I fell asleep immediately. And I started to soar. I didn´t feel my aching body anymore. I was breathing easily and without making any efforts. That felt so good! I knew I was going home. I could feel the golden energy. I felt God and Jesus, I felt angels carrying me. I knew I was home. This was my happy place. But then, suddenly I dropped back to my aching and sick body. 

I was so mad! I was so mad at my aunt because I knew she had shaken me to wake me up. I had never felt more pain than in that moment I was back in my sick body. It was killing me. My aunt told me that she had to woke me up. I wasn´t sleeping, I was dying. She told me that she saw I wasn´t breathing. I said, ”I know that and it is the whole point. Let me go!” She said she can´t. At least she had to try to keep me alive. I cried and tried to yell at her, but I had no strength left, so I dropped back into other reality. 

I knew from the very first second I wasn´t sleeping. What I experienced was not a dream. It was more true than this reality we are living here on Earth. The Spiritual World is the beginning of all. It is the home of all of us. I remember feeling Loved. That is the best feeling ever. Being loved unconditionally is the most amazing feeling ever. Love there on the other side is something indescribable. It is something beyond words. There is no way I can express how I felt. But it really filled me. It filled my every cell with love and knowledge. I was aware of things I had no idea earlier. It also convinced me that everything I already knew about the Spiritual world was true. I know that still today there are knowledge in me that I am not aware of. There are knowledge that is yet to come to the surface. 

I was in the most beautiful place. It wasn´t quite a room but more like a garden. I saw Jesus there. He welcomed me. I saw my angels standing around me. I realized that my family members from this life were there too. In that moment I understood that we all live in a physical bodies, but at the same time we live in the Spiritual dimension. We are so much more than just these bodies of ours. It felt so good, because it was something I had known deep down in my heart already.  

I heard this voice. The friendliest and most loving voice ever told me that I had come home. I cried. I was so happy. I had never felt that good in my life than I felt there. No pain, no worries. Just Love. And then again, I was pulled back in my aching body.. 

I was really mad for being pulled back to life. I was exhausted. I did not want to live anymore. I wanted to go home. I wanted to feel myself free, happy and healthy. I wanted to feel loved again. The least thing I wanted was to get back into my sick and aching body. And there I was again. Since I had no strength at all, I realized I was floating again. I felt myself soaring over the time and place. I easily transferred to the other side. I was back home. 

I heard that voice, God, talking to me. He said I was very welcome. He said that they all loved me so much, and they were so happy to have me there. I felt surprised. I was in tears again because of all the love I felt. God told me that it was not my time to come home yet, but since I was welcome there anytime I ever wanted to, I could decide to stay there. God told me with very gentle and loving way that I was really special and I had a very important task to do on the Earth. I was completely blown away. I wasn´t enjoying my life too much, because nobody could really understand me and now I heard that I had an important task to do. He told me that people around me couldn´t see me the way I really am, because they did not have the same understanding. They didn´t have the same kind of sensitivity and connection to Spiritual world than I was having. For them all this was unreal and probably scary. For me it was natural state of being.

I was suggested to go back into my body to continue the life I had there. I did not understand my forthcoming task, but they told me I didn´t need to. I would know it one day. They also told me that I was going to have children in a future. I kind of briefly met them there. They loved me already by then. I was amazed, but I still hesitated. I knew I´d had severe pains in my body if I got back, and I felt I could not stand it anymore. I begged them to take me home. God told me again that I was welcome to stay there, if I decided to. After all it was my home. I was very welcome to come there anytime I wanted to. They warmly encouraged me to have faith and go back. They told me that I´d have few difficult years ahead of me, but after that everything would work out for me. I said I can´t go back to that pain anymore. It is just too much for me. They said they would ease my pain and give me strength. They said I did not need to worry about not being able to drink or eat anything. They had been taking care of me all that time. I was still alive, because it was not my time yet. I would be able to really sleep now, not just hanging in there somewhere between unconsciousness and a dream. They told me that I would get help in two days and that I would get better. 

I woke up in my body. I wasn´t feeling any pain at all. I could breath with ease. That was so amazing. I was so happy I was in tears again. I told my aunt that she could go now because I could sleep without dying. She did not go anywhere, but I fell asleep immediately feeling happy. I knew that things would get better and if I just could manage through these few years, there were good things to come into my life. I felt loved by Heaven and God. 

And in just two days I finally got into hospital and started to get better.