Energy clearing


Energy clearing for house and properties allows you to have a home that´s filled with elevating energies. We all leave energy marks around us. That´s why there are other people´s energies in houses and apartments, just as well as yours. Getting rid of old, stagnant energies helps you to create a fresh and high frequency energy space in your home. Clearing your office gives you energetically better work environment.

Sometimes, especially in old houses, there can be earthbound spirits that makes noises or somehow disturb your life and energies. Usually they do not mean to harm, they are just lost and they need help to get back into the Light. Noises you hear are often their way to ask help. Sometimes earthbound spirits doesn´t really know where they are, and kind of make themselves comfortable at your home. With energy clearing these earthbound spirits are transferred into the Light and you get your house back to yourself.                 

Once you´ve booked an energy clearing you will soon receive an e-mail with couple of questions about the location of the house/office/property.  

You will receive a message about the clearing in two days after the clearing took place. 




 If you have any questions you can contact me merja(at)




"The energy in our kitchen changed totally. If we adults are sometimes a bit skeptic, children and pets never hesitate. What a great gift idea for families with children! Thank you Merja! Fantastic and peaceful kitchen spreads out good energy for the whole family." -K.K.