Divine Guidance

Divine Guidance is a very loving and inspiring reading that leaves you feeling empowered. It allows you to get an insight of what´s going on in your life from energetic perspective. You´ll become more familiar with your own gifts and abilities. You´ll get to know better your own strengths and have a chance to take advance on it.

You get a channeled information that is loving and encouraging. All the information you´ll receive is purely divine. Divine guides will support you on your spiritual journey. You will be gently advised to walk your own path. The path that is yours, and yours only. The Universe wants all of us to live an abundant life using our unique gifts. Divine Guidance will help you to find your passion and inner strength to take action to make your life amazing and abundant. It takes courage to follow your heart, but you have all the support from the Universe to do so.

This is a long distance reading and you will get the reading to your e-mail. 


If you have any questions you can contact me merja(at)glowingsoul.space

The reading will be sent to your e-mail in two days after the scheduled time.