Distant energy healing


In this healing session you are transmitted beautiful and strong Universal healing energy. Since we are not limited by the time and space, it really does not matter where you are to receive energy healing. 

Healing energy is very loving. During the session your heart chakra will be filled with love and forgiveness. Your energy frequency will be lifted up to receive high frequency energies.

This energy healing usually gives extra boost for your own spiritual journey. You´ll learn to look yourself with more loving eyes. You´ll get more understanding of the things and choices that took you to at this point in your life and you´ll get clearer insight of your heart´s desires. 

After the healing you will get an e-mail with specific information about what took place in the healing. For example, which chakras needed energy most, or what part of your body got special attention during healing.

You will also get a very loving message from your spirit guides.



 All appointments are set under Finnish time.



I can highly recommend energy healing for families. Each one of our three children came from the school eagerly telling about their life wishes. None of them knew that the healing took place in our home on that specific day. Healing really helps us to focus on good and sharing<3  5 times Thank you! ~N.S.