What is it like to be a clairvoyant?


I ́ve been asked a lot what is like to be a clairvoyant, psychic or medium, and, is it something their could possibly learn too. Answer to the latter question is simple: Yes, you can. Everyone can learn clairvoyance and everyone can be in contact with deceased loved ones and spirits of other realms. Yes, it is true! It is just like learning a new language. First you know nothing about it but practice makes perfect in this, too.


My experience


I have always seen things that others didn´t. To me it was something I grew up with. I have always felt that I am guided, even times I´ve felt completely lost and I couldn´t see where I was going. There were times when I had no idea why I had to go thru those experiences, but I still knew that I am taken care of and everything will fall into their place at the right time. 

Living as a clairvoyant, psychic person means that you are open to the guidance of the Universe. You will receive information and you act upon it. That way the connection will get stronger and stronger. Practicing your clairvoyant and psychic skills will make you more sensitive to the energies and you are able to receive more information. 



I am sure you have noticed the times when you intuition works well. Actually it is not about how strong your intuition is, it is about you being aware of it. Intuition is something we could call inner knowing. We get a feeling that this decision is better than the other without being able to reason why. We just get the feeling. And when you act accordingly you will benefit from it. The more often you follow your intuition the easier it gets.


How to receive the information

There are different ways of receiving guidance. Someone sees things (and it is called clairvoyance), someone hears the answers (clairaudience) and someone just knows. All these are equally great ways to receive guidance. You just need to figure out your way and then start practicing it. Try different things and see what is best for you. 

Some people see dreams that give information about their present or forthcoming situation. It is easy way to start. First thing in the morning try to bring back the dreams you had and then write them down immediately, as you forget them easily. By the time you will learn which dreams are those that guide you. There is this certain special feeling in them. 


How to start

Start by meditating a while. Focus on your breathing and make sure you feel grounded before you start. When you feel comfortable and calm focus on your heart first. Ask how it is doing. Feel the warmth of your heart, feel the love. Then ask a question you have on your mind. Ask it and then wait. Answer will come to you. It can come to you as an clear answer. You may hear the answer, you may see an image in your mind or you may get the feeling that you know what to do. If you feel like you don´t gain any information just keep practicing. Practice every day and you will see yourself improving. 

Do this daily with every possible thing you can think of. You will learn to do it just in couple of minutes or in seconds when you get better. Try to gain information of your daily stuff first. Things that are not that serious. For example when you hear your phone ringing, try to know the caller without looking your cell phone. Or you may think about your friend intensely and suddenly she´ll call you. Choose the movie you´ll watch by intuition, not by reasoning. Start with small and simple first and the move to bigger challenges.

Even if you don´t get the answer right away, you can be sure that you are guided. You will get the answer sooner or later. You may get it from someone completely stranger you pump into, or you will just feel the warmth and happiness inside you when you think about one of the choices. Remember, it is not about one certain way to get the answer, it is about being open to all possible ways. 



Have fun!

Practise every day and you will start noticing the difference. Every step you take will take you further. Play with the idea of clairvoyance and have fun with it! Don’t take it so seriously. Life is supposed to be joyful. Use your improving clairvoyance skills as a tool for yourself. I guarantee you will get to know yourself better and you’ll find out new and surprising things of yourself and the Universe.

Let me know how your training goes!

Merja Laukkanen