Take A Look Inside

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Have you ever thought how huge impact you have to this world? What we have inside reflects to outside world. It means that what we see around us is something we got inside of us. 

Makes you want to think more of what’s going on inside of you and not to worry about other people´s business so much anymore. You can create your own reality. And not only that you can but you are creating it already. No matter if you are doing it consciously or not, you are creating your reality all the time.



I can tell you an example about this. This happened to me a while ago. I was feeling a little bit lonely (although I have friends and a family with bunch of kids). I let that feeling take over me. It grew in my mind and suddenly everything in my life pointed to a direction that yes, I am lonely: I have never time to see my friends, and I felt that I didn´t even have any friends. My life really turned out to be exactly as I felt inside. 

Then one day I was meditating and I was shown this false belief I had. I realized that I had caused this situation by myself. I started to tell myself another story: I have friends and I have time for my friends. At the point I felt that this new story is real, it all changed again. Suddenly just like that, I was having coffee with a friend of mine and had an invitation to a girls´ night from another.

That was so amazing and confusing also, but I am very grateful that it happened. It taught me that the feeling I had inside was not real, it was just something I believed in. And still it changed my life! 

So make sure you are aware of your beliefs. Your beliefs shape your world all the time. It can be hard to let go of old beliefs. They may have been there for a long time and it feels safe to have them. They can be so familiar to you that you don’t even notice they exist at all. It takes courage to change your thoughts and beliefs, because it means that your life is about to change too. And change can be scary. 

Misbelief is something we believe in even it´s not true, and yet we let them affect us. Those limiting beliefs makes us smaller.  You might be having a misbelief that says you are not worth it, or you are not lovable or you are not enough. 

Truth is you are worth it, you are lovable and you are enough! 



When you look at your life try to focus on the good stuff. It will bring more good things into your life. And all the good things you see around you is already inside of you.

If you don’t see or feel love in your life, take a look at yourself. Ask yourself a question: Do I love myself unconditionally? Do I show my love to my friends and my family? Do I show my love to this world? Do I love my life? When you change your attitude and focus on giving and sharing love, you will feel loved. You will be seeing love around you. You can´t just wait that things will change around you, you must be the one who changes first.

If you feel that you are not respected by others, are you sure you respect yourself? Do you respect other people? Our world is a reflection of our inside world. Change the inside and outside will change too.


Lesson to learn

There is a big treasure in this experience. Your belief does not have to be real but if you believe in it, it will be real! Your beliefs and thoughts really do change your life. Also this is a great tool to work with. If you have a dream you want to come true, or you have a goal you want to achieve you can use this. 

Just make sure you believe in your dream or goal. Make sure you feel it inside. Try to make the feeling even bigger and stronger. Then cherish it every day and it will happen!! Remember my story, it does not have to be real, you just need to believe it and that energy will bring it to your life. And how suddenly that all changed when my inner feelings and thoughts changed.

Life is an amazing adventure and we have so much power inside of us! Let’s love and respect each other´s journey<3

Merja Laukkanen