New Life - New Thoughts

New life.jpg

You don´t need to wait until the beginning of a new year, new month or even next Monday to start a new life. You can start it right now. 

New life starts with new thoughts. Thoughts become things and soon you´ll realize yourself doing new things or doing old things in a new way. So, set your mind to a new level. Do not do things automatically, be aware of what you are doing. Be aware of what you are thinking. 


Watch your thoughts


We don´t often notice our thoughts. They come and go, but they might still tell you what to do. Only by being aware of what you think, you can master your days like a pro. Focus on what you want and think thoughts that takes you towards them. Don´t give your power away by thinking what you don´t want, what you can´t or won´t. You are the creator of your own reality. You create with your thoughts. Intention is everything. Set high goals and keep your focus there.


Happy life


Living a happy life is all about love. Love yourself and everyone and everything in your life. If you see someone, he/she/it is in your life. So love! You never loose anything by loving. You can only win, because love is all there really is. 

Since there´s really no time as we believe it here on Earth, everything happens right now on this very moment. The past and the future, it´s all here. We just can´t see it as humans. Our soul is eternal and has existed forever and it will exist forever. So there´s nothing new to our soul. Our soul knows how to live a happy life. We only need to hear it´s calling.


You are a powerful creator


Watching this world from human perspective gives us a very narrow view. Once you understand your greatness as a powerful and loving soul, it makes you love and respect everything even more. Because then you will know that you are always supported and taken care of. You don´t have to fight your fights alone. 

Actually, what you want to do is to surrender and let things fall into a their place, rather than trying to force them. You can choose between taking care of things on your own, OR, letting the Universe make sure you get what ever you want. 

Make great plans because Universe knows no limits. We are beautiful souls in a body of a human being. We are eternal and powerful. Love is the key.


Merja Laukkanen