The Flow of Life


Life is constantly changing. It is like the waves of an ocean. It remains never the same and we should never try to stop the movement. Energy is created to move and the life is created to change. In change there´s an opportunity for growth. When we stop resisting the natural movement of life we become able to live in a flow. The flow of life takes us exactly where we need to be at exact the right time. Letting things flow is the key for smoother and happier life. Accept change, accept growth, welcome the new.

We may not always like the way our lives are changing. We may try to hold on to the old life. As long as we keep resisting the new, we are stuck in the old. It means that we can´t get the new in our lives. We can´t stay in the old and just add the new in it. It not possible, there´s no space! Let go of the old first, then the new will come. Not the other way round. You cannot hold to the old until the new comes. You need to trust. Trust yourself, your heart and the Universe. We are taken care of all the time. We just not always see it because we want to have the control. Trying to control things actually just disturbs the flow. 

Surrender to the flow of life. Live in the moment, enjoy all the little things in your life. Appreciate everything you have right now, and you will get more to appreciate. Let things happen instead of making things happen. Take an advantage of a flow and surf the waves to the new. Let things come to you. You will rock the world.

Merja Laukkanen