You Have What It Takes

Often we see ourselves way too small. We think we have very limited capability, and we take ourselves and life too seriously. We forget to enjoy the journey while trying to get through this life. 

Usually these false beliefs comes from outside. We´ve been taught to believe that we are not good enough, that we don´t have what it takes. We´ve been taught that we should settle for what we have; when you don´t dream big, you will not get disappointed. From the Universe´s point of view you are a limitless person. You can do anything. You actually have superpowers. You can create a life that makes you not only happy but also gives you feeling of being fully supported.

You need to get rid of false and limiting beliefs that keeps you small. You are the only one who decides whether you can do something or not. Once you believe that you can you open a door into completely new world. You´ll step out of being a victim of circumstances into being a creator of your own life. 

I never thought that someday I would write a blog. Not to mention I´d do it in english. I used to believe that I can´t´do it. The guidance from the Universe was so strong that I couldn´t just ignore it. So I decided to give it a try. Getting rid of my limiting beliefs made me realize that I actually can. And, when I let myself be bigger than I used to be, the Universe showed me how much more there is yet to come for me. I started my own business again, opened new website and now I am planning an online-course. When I started my blog, I surely did not know that I can do all this. Now I know that I can and I enjoy every moment of it!

You have all it takes. You just may not be aware of your power. Connect with your heart, take first steps towards your goals and you will find the strength and skills on the way. You are fully supported. Remember, the Universe has your back<3

Merja Laukkanen