Time for a Change

Now is a really good time to make changes in your life. Anything that´s been on your mind is a sign for you to notice it. Repetitive thoughts or ideas about something is a clear sign from the Universe. Watch your feelings. No matter if it´s just a little uncomfortableness that you have towards something, pay attention to it anyway. There´s also a chance that you have felt like there´s no way out of the situation you are at the moment. There´s always a way. Even if your situation seems to be really hard, once you make a decision to change things, everything gets easier right away.

Spend some time in nature to relax and to get grounded. Then take time to listen to your heart and welcome all the ideas that pops up in your mind. That is your heart whispering to you. Do not judge any ideas, let them become visible to you. You may have blocked many ideas from yourself by thinking that they are not possible for you. You may have believed that you cannot do it, or that you are not allowed to do it. Trust your heart. What feels right for you, is the right thing for you. Also let other people to change their life the way they will, even it´s something completely opposite to yours. You can´t know what´s best for them. 

You have the strength to make the changes, even if you feel you don´t. It is only your fears that prevent you from following your heart. Once you learn to trust your inner wisdom and the guidance, you set yourself free. After that you never let your fears stop you from doing things that makes you happy. You will be free to pursuit your dreams. Change is inevitable, see it more as an adventure rather than anything else. Do not resist it. Say `Yes!´ to the change and give yourself a chance to a new phase in your life.

You are fully supported<3

Merja Laukkanen