You Were Born to Be Real

You were born tobe REAL.png

I was completely blown away the other day when I was talking with my daughter. She told me about the conversation she had with one of her friends. My 9 year old daughter said to me that she wanted to tell her friend this one thing, because she wanted her friend to know her as she is. She said, she did not want to hide any sides of her anymore. She told me that not being completely herself, felt like being dishonest. I was in tears. That melt my heart. I could only think how strong and wise my daughter was. 

I try to be honest to myself and live a life that looks like me. Sometimes it means making big changes, sometimes small ones are enough. I thought I was being true to myself and being me all the time, but when my daughter brought this up, it made me rethink. Am I showing all sides of me to my friends and family? Am I completely that person I feel I am deep inside of me? This really made me thinking again of how I express myself. Am I letting myself be the whole and unique me?

The thing my daughter told her friend was something that everyone may not understand. She told her friend that she can see into the spiritual world and she can talk to the angels and deceased people. She also feels earthbound spirits. She talks with them and then she asks my help to transfer them to the Light. She is very comfortable in her own skin and very happy that she has this skill. She loves to help everybody no matter what dimension they are living in. 

I have struggled in my life with letting people know that spiritual world is just as real to me as this physical world is. When I was a child I felt that nobody understood me, and it made my life really hard. It was tough to not being able to be myself as I was. I think that´s why my daughter´s words really touched me. She can be who she is, and she is willing to show it to everybody. I am so proud of her. She teaches me every day by being so loving and honest person. She is definitely an old soul and most definitely a great teacher.

Are you showing all the sides of yourself? Are you being honest to yourself and others? It takes courage to show everyone who you truly are. But I can tell you, it´s definitely worth it. Accepting ourselves as we are makes us stronger, and it gives us an opportunity to finally use our gifts to make this world a better place for everyone <3

Merja Laukkanen