Trust the Universe

When you need to do big decisions, you may feel yourself very lonely. No matter if you have family or friends around you, the situation can be overwhelming. You might feel that you don´t trust yourself and you wish there was someone to tell you which decision is the right one. 

In situations like this you should remember that there is no such thing as a wrong decision. If you decide something that feels right in your heart, you cannot go wrong. Choosing something from your heart will take you forward anyway. Trust the Universe, even when you doubt yourself. The Universe never let´s you down. It is always there to guide you on your way. Basically all you need to do is to have an intention to get to your goal, and then you just take the first step. The universe will guide you to the right direction. 

You don´t need to know the whole path to pursuit your goals. You can´t, so don´t worry about it. Trust that your path is guided. You will get the right ideas and the right answers. You will meet the right people and learn new things and skills. Usually taking those first steps leads you to new ideas and insights. And again, you´ll find the way to get there.

I used to have my own business for 8 years. I offered reflexology, homeopathy, energy healing and psychic reading. Couple of years ago, I suddenly started to feel that I had to let go of reflexology and homeopathy. I did not know why, I just did not enjoy them as much as I used to. It was hard to leave them behind, because they were such a big and important part of my life. I was confused but I knew that it was time to let them go, and make space for new. Thinking about all that, made me realize that I actually had to let them all go. 

I had no idea what would I do in future if it was not those treatments. I decided to trust the Universe and let all that behind me. I realized that anything that´s going to be important for me, would still stay in my life, even I´d let them go. I did not need to hold on to them. That way I could set myself free. I was open for a new phase in my life.

It is time to have some faith, and trust that you will find your way to live an unique and fulfilling life.

Merja Laukkanen