Delay – the end or an opportunity

Every now and then, even though we have a great plan for our lives, we end up facing a delay. Delay does not mean the end. It´s actually an opportunity. You should see it more as a pause, a chance to reflect all what you´ve done so far. Look back your life and see how much you´ve done, what you´ve achieved already. When something does not happen the way we planned, we often get frustrated and might be ready to give up. Remember that the Universe always knows best. There´s perfect timing in everything. There´s no such thing as coincidence. Everything follows a bigger plan. Of course, we can spoil things for ourselves by not listening our intuition or ignoring all the signs we are receiving. We have a free will here on Earth. We can choose to do anything we want with our lives. Literally anything! 

When you face a delay in your life, do not give up. Just get more focused on what you really want. It is perfect time for focusing and getting ready, because what´s about to come is much bigger than you imagined. Sometimes the Universe gives you time to make sure that you are following your own dreams, not somebody else´s. 

Use the pause to get ready for the future. Be open minded to everything. We don´t often see our full potential and we are underestimating ourselves. At those times the Universe gives us challenges to overcome, so that we would understand how powerful we actually are.

Remember that the Universe does not make mistakes, ever. We do, but that´s when the Universe steps up and covers our back. A good heart and an intention to make this world a better place for everyone will take your life into whole new levels.


Merja Laukkanen