About fear

I´ve been thinking lately a lot about fear. Why does fear freeze us sometimes? Why do we change the direction when we are feeling fear? Why do we drop our plans because of fear? Fear itself is not dangerous. It can give us a warning sign, but most of the time we fear for nothing. We don´t try new things because of fear. Basically, we let fear kill our dreams. 
Do you let fear to tell you what to do?

My 17 year old daughter just left to Australia for 10 months as an exchange student. I´m certain that she had fears concerning the forthcoming year in completely new and different country and culture. Still she left. She did not let the new and unknown to keep her from her dream. As a mother I have a lot of fears when thinking about my daughters trip in Australia. I could have come up with a hundred of reasons for not to let her go. But I did not. I decided that if my daughter wants to spend a year abroad, I need to overcome my fears. 

What would you do if you didn´t think that you are incapable? What would you be if you were bigger than you ever believed? What would happen, if you just open a new blank sheet and write down everything you ever wanted to do and everything you ever wanted to be? Then look at what you just wrote and bless those things. Bless the dreams that you once had. 

Then take another blank sheet and write down the fears that keeps you from growing and achieving those dreams. At the end, they are not that big. Not when you put them on a paper and see them from another perspective. We are here to live this life to the fullest. Why do we give up on our dreams so easily? How come we don´t just go for them and enjoy the journey on the way? 

It is time to begin a new chapter in your life. It´s not about living fearless life, but living courageously despite the fear. Put your dreams on a paper and go for them. You have all it takes! Remember that the Universe has your back.

Merja Laukkanen