Being True to Yourself


It is so important to understand that being true to yourself is the base for everything else in your life. Why it is so important? And what does it mean being true to yourself? 

Getting know yourself is the key. The better you know yourself, the better abilities you have to create the life that looks like you. Take time to find out what do you really love. Many people live they lives without even knowing what do they actually like, what makes them happy. So first thing to do is to make time for yourself to find out who you truly are, and what do you really want in your life. 

We all know people who say things like ”my family comes first” or ”health is the most important thing to me”  and still they act completely opposite. They are nothing but empty words if you don´t honor your values. When your words and actions are not in align with each other, and you only wish you'd had more meaningful life, you are not getting what you want. 

Make sure your inner wisdom is your guide in your everyday life. Make decisions that are align with your hearts desires. Mold your life to look like you. Make it yours! Do things that make you happy and joyous. Once you begin to live from your heart, you can begin to build a life that really supports you. Life that makes you happy everyday. Only when you are committed to live your life being true to yourself, you´ll become aware of your full potential. You will find the strength inside of you. You´ll realize how capable you actually are.

Living your life being true to yourself opens the gate to live in the flow. What can you do today to show to the Universe that you are committed?

Merja Laukkanen