Do You Love Yourself No Matter What?


Do you love yourself no matter what? Do you accept yourself as you are right now at this particular moment? These questions can make you to realize how difficult self love can sometimes be. It is easier to love yourself when you are doing great and you are happy. But what about times when you are dealing with some difficulties? It´s not that simple to accept and love yourself completely when you have said or done something you regret, or you have been treating yourself with disrespect.  

Learn to love yourself

You need to think of yourself as lovingly as you think of others. Give yourself credit for being you. Often it feels so much easier to forgive others and love them despite what they´ve done, than to forgive and love yourself.

Making mistakes doesn´t make you a bad person. Forgive yourself and move on. Love yourself as much as you love those people who offended you. 

Another thing is loving your physical body as it is. I´ll tell you this, you are beautiful! You are beautiful person inside out. You cannot love yourself completely if you don´t love your body. You are not your body, but your body carries your beautiful soul here on Earth. Love it! Thank it! Be grateful for being able to experience life through your physical body. Dance wildly to embrace your physical appearance. Listen to your body, it is wise and it will tell you what it needs. 

Self-love exercise

Look in your own eyes in a mirror and tell yourself every day how much you love yourself. Say ´I love you´ to yourself consciously every day. When you do that and are ready to open up for a deep self love, you will notice that something changes inside of you. After a few days you will be looking yourself with more loving way. You will realize how beautiful you actually are. You will see beauty and uniqueness instead of flaws. You´ll see your physical body as an amazing masterpiece. Because that is what you are, a true masterpiece. 

Once you learn to love yourself the way you truly are you´ll become happier and more self confident. When you see beauty in yourself it is so easy to see the same in others. There´s no need or place for judgement anymore. There´s only love. Love yourself and you will love others as well. 

When you have loving energy it will attract more love into your life.

Merja LaukkanenComment