Keep shining


When ever you feel that something new is opening to you, it actually means that you are opening to something new. You are whole, and when ever you feel that you found another peace for the puzzle of your life, you actually extended your consciousness to a new part of yourself. 

When we are discovering the life, we are discovering ourselves. Learning to look life from inside out will lead us having a meaningful life. We all are perfect the way we are. We all have that same beautiful light shining inside of us. We are one. We are consciousness, we are love. That is all there is, really. Learning to trust your inner wisdom gives you a great advantage in life. It will take you smoother to the new phases of your life. Things keep going easier and with less effort. 

When you are connected with your heart and live in alignment with the power of the Universe, you will manifest things rapidly. You´ll realize that you are creating a life where you feel joy and happiness every day. You´ll become a magnet for miracles. You will spread the joy where ever you are. People get inspired by you. They want to have a life that is filled with magic as well. 

Keep shining! Even times when nobody seems to notice your light the Universe does. It sees all your efforts and will shine right back at you. Feeling gratitude and joy will change your life dramatically. It´ll give you your power back. The power that has always been yours. 

Love and shine <3

Merja Laukkanen