Energy Clearing


I want to tell you a little about energy clearing, and how it is done. Energy clearing can be done to clean personal energy field or spaces, like homes and properties. It is a great tool to get rid of the negative energy that is dragging you down. Today I´ll focus on energy clearing houses and properties.
Everyone of us leaves energy imprints around us. When you are happy and grateful the energy imprint you leave is vibrating on very high level. Since we are human we also experience a lot of negative feelings. All our feelings leave these imprints. You can only imagine how much energy there´s stuck in homes and old houses. You don´t need to be an extremely sensitive person to recognize these stagnant energies. You may feel restless, get easily angry or upset. You may feel that you are not as effective and creative as you usually are. 

In old houses and properties there can also be earthbound spirits. They are spirits who hasn´t left to the light after their death. Death only means leaving the physical body. Our souls are beautiful and eternal. 
There are several reasons why sometimes souls can´t find they way back to the light. They may have also chosen to stay on Earth. Sometimes if death is very sudden the person doesn´t realize she´s dead and the soul doesn´t leave to the light. More often they choose to stay here on Earth for example to take care of the house they lived in. You can imagine it´s not fun to live in the house when the old owner is not ready to let go. In these cases you really need to transfer these souls to the light. When these souls get to the light they are incredibly happy. That´s where they belong to. 

Energy clearing can be done distant. I don´t need to know the address just the approximate location of the home/house. We are all connected with each other so the energy always finds its way to the right place. When I am asked to do the clearing I´ll connect with the house to see what´s going on there. I can see in my mind what kind of energies there are. I can see which rooms or which part of the house needs clearing. I can tell if there are earthbound spirits or just clutter to keep the energies down. After finding out what needs to be done, I´ll channel help from spiritual world. I´ll ask guides and helpers to work with the house. They will do the energy clearing and fill the house with pure refreshing energy and love. 

After finishing the energy clearing I´ll tell in an e-mail what was the problem and what was done in the house.

If you have any question about energy clearing, please, let me know <3

Merja Laukkanen