You Are a Miracle Maker

See yourself as an unlimited person. See yourself being able to accomplish anything you want. You are made to do miracles. You were born on Earth to live a remarkable life. Set your standards high. Clear vision will help you to have your focus on the right place. Look for things that help you to keep going. Look for signs that shows you are on the right path. Ignore anything that drags you down. Do not listen to people who say you can´t. You can do anything you put your energy and heart into. 

It´s not always easy to hold onto your own vision when people around you does not believe in you or your plans. Especially at those times it´s so important to have a clear intention in your mind. It will help you to keep your energies high. Do not let other people to weaken your dreams. Do not let them to make you believe that you don´t have what it takes. You can do anything you want. You are a miracle maker. Never settle for anything less. 

You have probably made some plans for this new year, have set some goals to achieve. Every time you think about them, you put some energy in them. So make sure your thoughts are only positive and encouraging. Take a moment every day to imagine how´d you feel if your dreams had already come into reality. Make sure that you feed your dreams with good vibes. Thoughts are very powerful. You manifest things with your thoughts and feelings. Take time daily to rise your frequency to match your high frequency dreams. Then your dreams must come into reality. 

The Universe loves miracle makers<3

Merja Laukkanen