Finding the Happiness

Very often we look for the happiness outside of us. We believe that our circumstances must change before we can be happy. We tend to believe that we would be very happy if only my boss/spouse/car or house was better or different. You name it! We all are familiar with these thoughts. The truth is that happiness comes from inside. You can decide to be happy no matter what your circumstances are. 

Being happy is a decision. It´s a huge one too, because deciding to be happy means that you are taking responsibility for your own happiness. You can´t blame anybody anymore. Instead of blaming, you need to start working your way to happier life. First you need to know what makes you happy. Then you need to start making decisions that takes you there. 

All the choices you are bout to do may not be easy. You might be afraid to do them because you are afraid of hurting someone. When you follow you heart you cannot really hurt anyone. Following your heart gives people around you a chance for a spiritual growth. People near you feel your inspiring energy and can, if they choose to, start making decisions to improve their lives. 

Don´t be scared to take action. Nothing changes if you don´t change yourself first.

Merja Laukkanen