Creating an abundant life

The Universal laws are fair. We all can start to create the life that we desire, no matter where we are standing right now. It does not matter whether you ask for a small thing or a big thing. For the Universe it is the same. Only thing that really matters, is that you believe that you can get what you are asking for. When you believe that you are worth it, that you deserve to have a happy and an abundant life, you are starting to get it. You would be surprised if you knew how powerful you actually are. You create your reality all the time. What you think and feel is what you get. 

You might believe that there isn´t much you can do to chance your life into a level of abundance. You may work very hard and long hours, but still lacking of wealth, time, or whatever it is that you hoping to have. You need to realize, that if you think of lacking things, that is exactly what you are getting. That is the message you are sending to the Universe. You are vibrating lacking energy. Remember always, that what you give is what you get. If you give negative or lacking energy by thoughts to the Universe, that is exactly what is coming back to you. 

So many times I have been in a situation in my life, where I find myself thinking that I don´t have enough money. How am I able to pay the bills when I don´t seem to have enough money? These thoughts have taken me deep down to vibrate the low energy; the energy of lacking money. The Universe hears my calling, it hears that I don´t have enough and I am worried about how to pay all the bills. The Universe wants to fill my needs and it hears me asking the lack of money. As a result, I every time get more and more bills to pay. Something extra always comes up then. Fridge stops from working, car needs repairing etc. The more I worry the more extra bills I keep getting. 

I think I had experienced this for few times until I realized, that I had created the whole thing by myself just by being afraid and worrying. I realized, that I really had to do something to get things around, and get a balance back to my finances. Having stressed a lot about not having enough, I hadn´t had a time to concentrate on feeling happy and grateful about what I had. So I sat down with all the bills I needed to pay. I took them in my hands one by one, and started thanking those companies. I thanked the company that provides the electricity to our house, I thanked the bank that offered the loan for our car etc. I turned the anxiety about not having enough into gratefulness about having pure water, electricity, a house, a car and so on. I repeated those words aloud to myself, until I really felt grateful. I felt that in my heart and in my body. I was so grateful for everything that I had, that no fear could take place in me. 

That was the place where miracles started to happen. I suddenly got an extra payment from someone. We were able to repair our fridge in very moderate price. We didn´t have to by a new one, even it looked like it at first. Then we heard that our car doesn´t need as big repair as we were told to. Everything started to unfold so beautifully. I had enough because I felt that way. The Universe started to act according to my message. 

This really blew me away, because I couldn´t believe that anything like this could actually happen to me. It made me to realize that I do create my life. I create my life not only with my thoughts but also with my feelings. Thoughts are not enough if your feelings are opposite. Make sure you repeat encouraging and positive words until you can really feel it all. 

When you feel that you have everything you need, and you have nothing to worry about, you start changing your life very fast. Make sure that your thoughts are pure and you vibrate the high energy. Nothing is higher than gratefulness and love. They overcome fear and negativity. 


You can have an abundant life. With positive words and thoughts, it is easy to feel grateful every second of your day. Retrain your mind to concentrate on good and your life will start changing. 

Merja Laukkanen