Inner Peace

Life is all about finding who you are. Until you know who you are and what do you really want in your life, it is hard to feel inner peace. Peace in your heart comes from filling the purpose of your life. Then your mind will follow your heart. Trick is not to let your mind lead you, because your heart will get restless if you don´t listen to it. Your heart is wise, loving and understanding. It is a true leader. Let it be that. Ask your heart to take you to where it wants. There you can find the peace and happiness. 

We are programmed to believe many things. One of them is that you cannot choose the life you want, you have to accept what´s given. That´s only half true. Accepting life as it is saves your energy when you don´t fight all the time with life. But after that you cannot just close your eyes and keep going. You have to take the charge of your life. Find what is it that you really want. What makes you feeling happy and gives you the greatest pleasure. Then you just follow the signs the Universe is giving to you. 

Ask every morning three things you want to have in you day. For example: Dear Universe/God/Creator, I want to see a rainbow or another sign in nature that my path is guided. I want to get surprised by a friendly random act of an stranger. I also want to receive a message about my next step.

After you´ve asked these things let go of how or when they will appear to you. Just start you day trusting that you have been heard. Open your heart to the world and know that you are taken care of. All your needs are taken care of. You are worth having an amazing life!

Merja Laukkanen