Follow Your Intuition

We get signs from the Universe every day. We just might miss them if we don´t pay attention to them. If you have anything on your mind that drains your energy away, write them down. Then ask the Universe to guide you with it. You will get strong intuitive feelings towards things or certain people. You will be drawn to things and situations. The Universe will guide right people into your life to help you. Somebody might tell you about something that leads you to a next step. There you find another message that takes you further. Maybe a song in the radio is the exact answer to your question. You know it when you hear it! It could be a website you accidentally end up to that gives you right direction. Literally anything, be open to the guidance.

I often start suddenly hear a song in my head that has the answer to my situation. It could be a consoling message or what ever it is that I need at that moment. Many times in my life when I´ve been feeling sad, I have heard a song in my head that tells me to hold my head up. I know instantly that it is a message for me not worry about anything at all. Then I lift my head up again and let go of those feelings and worries. It makes me feel so much better right that moment. Remember that you are fully supported by the Universe. You are loved and taken care of. Listen to those messages. Look for them. You´ll start seeing them every day. The more you notice and thank them the easier it gets for you to see them. Your intuition gets stronger when using it. Intuition is real thing and it will make your life easier. Take an advance of it and let the guidance be a part of your everyday life.

Life is a great journey. Look for messages and guidance. Ask for miracles in your life. You deserve them!

Merja Laukkanen