Claim Your Power


Have you ever wondered why you end up in the same kind of situation in your life every once in awhile? Not only it´s a message from Universe, it also gives us an opportunity for growth. It gives us a chance to develop ourselves. It is like a ticket for a certain train and it´s up to us whether we use it not. 

Often we are afraid of these opportunities and we´d rather see them as coincides and repetitive situations than anything else. Opportunity means a possibility to grow but it also requires you to accept being responsible of your own life. Growing means taking charge of your life. Sometimes you might feel it would be easier to live your life as a victim to whom things (life) just happen, without having a chance to effect on it. In that victim position you can feel sorry for yourself and make yourself believe that there is nothing you can do to change your life. It might feel nice and easy for a while, but it also means that you are giving your strength away. 

It can be scary to start taking back your power. If you just knew how powerful you are you wouldn´t hesitate a second. There is so much more in you than you realize. Once you accept that you are responsible of your own happiness you start living your life. Not just surviving through your days but living consciously. You start making conscious decisions about your life. You claim your power back. And what happens next is that the Universe will answer for your call. You start seeing how situation changes. You´ll be able to actually go forward in your life. You have an opportunity to change direction of your life. You can live your life the way you want to. 

Being in charge of your life does include a possibility to fail. But when you see things thru the Universe´s eyes, you´ll understand that there is no such a thing as a failure. There are just opportunities to learn and grow. You´ll see them as chances to change your life radically to another and better level. Sometimes it means giving up the old and it can feel stressful to you. When you understand the power you have inside you, you know that there are nothing to be afraid of. When you change, your whole life will change and at the same time you give an opportunity for growth to others as well. There is nothing you can lose, but so much you can learn and achieve. Take a chance. You are worth it!


Merja Laukkanen