About Death

When we end our journey here on Earth it does not mean the end of everything. It ends only our life on the physical level. Our bodies stop living in death but our Soul carries on back to the Spiritual world. In death your soul leaves your body and transfers back home to Love and Light. Even it appears as the final end it is not so. We continue our lives in the Light. There is your home. That is the place you come from. So you can be happy for everyone who changes dimensions, because no matter how tragically their journey ends here on Earth, they go back home. There is nothing but love there. God is pure love and in love you will live. 

Even before my near death experience I always believed that there is something beautiful in death. To me it was obvious that our lives could not end just like that. There were too many signs pointing to direction that there is life after death. Then, when I nearly died and had a chance to visit in Light, all of that made perfect sense. Our souls never die. We exist in so many levels and in so many dimensions. Often you are just aware of this physical one. But that is not the whole truth. 

Our deceased loved ones never really leave us. They are with us for the rest of our lives. They want to help us and guide us. You can talk to them anytime and anywhere, when ever your feel like it. Silently in your mind is just as good as talking out loud like he or she was still in his/her physical body. They hear you, they feel you. You can be sure that they are there for you. If you listen carefully enough you may feel the energy of that person. You can feel the love he/she is sending to you. They live in Love. They are happy and doing great. Do not worry about them. Do not get stuck in sorrow. Let the Love do it´s work and remember that you shall meet again<3

We are all connected with each other. We are all children of Light. God´s pure energy of Love is the connective bond between all of us. Treat yourself well, talk to yourself friendly and gentle way. You can start feeling the love inside you. When you feel that love in you, you can start seeing the same love in others too. Share Love, it is the only thing that really matters<3


Merja Laukkanen