Learning to forgive is one of the most important things you can ever do to yourself. Forgiveness is all about love. It is not forgetting anything that has happened to you. It is accepting things. It is accepting that you have faced situation that hurt you. Forgiving means truly setting yourself free from the past. It allows you to go on in your life. It gives you an opportunity to start fresh again. You are not meant to live your life in hatred and bitterness. You are meant to enjoy your life. You should feel love everyday. It is possible, but only if you drop extra packages off your back.  

Forgiving yourself gives you space to look at your life again with new eyes. You can start looking things thru your heart. Your heart is pure love. It can heal any wounds you´ll ever have. You just need to let go of things that keep you in pain. You need to understand that forgiving means giving yourself a permission not to look back again. You don´t need to repeat those hurtful words and situation ever again. It also means that you cannot justify your feelings anymore by your past. You need to let go. 

Sometimes it might feel impossible to forgive someone. Maybe you don´t even want to. That one person has hurt you so badly, you feel like you cannot ever forget it. You may think that once you forgive him, he gets away with it just like that. You may believe that as long as you carry anger and bitterness towards that person, he will be responsible of it. And you will hold on to that, because you want to hurt him back.

Truth is that the only person you can hurt by not forgiving is yourself. As long as you carry hatred or any negative feelings towards someone, you hurt yourself. You make your own life unbearable by repetitive thoughts of your past. Forgiving someone means releasing yourself from negative energies. It means giving yourself a freedom. You give yourself a permission to be happy despite everything that happened to you.

 What other people do in their lives is their business. It is their job to apologize and to forgive themselves and others. 


You set yourself free by forgiving everyone in your life, and you´ll see how your life will rise to a another level.

Merja Laukkanen