Walking Your Own Path

We need to understand that we all have our own and very unique path to walk. It may look like we all do the same thing here but it isn´t really like that. For sure, we are here to spread love around us. Anything beside that varies in each of us lives. We all struggle sometimes. We confront things and situation that challenges us. It may seem that my answer for that would be correct for you too, but it doesn´t mean that it actually is. We might have completely different lessons to learn. Someone might have to learn how to ask and accept help, not to try to manage on her/his own. Somebody else in a same kind of situation might need lo learn patience. Or maybe she needs to learn to trust on her own strength. 

As you can see, an advice you are giving for someone may not be the right one for that person. We need to take responsibility of our own lives. Do not give you power away by following blindly advice you are given. Nobody else can know what is best for you. You need to find it yourself. It´s good to get advice in a difficult situation, but it´s still your responsibility to decide what to do with it. Listen to your heart and feel what it says. If something sounds reasonable, but still does not feel right for you, then don´t go for it. Look for a another advice or just listen to your heart. What is best for someone may not be best for you.

You need to be in charge of you own wellbeing. You also need to give space for everybody else to do the same thing. So don´t feel offended if your friend doesn´t do as you adviced. Be happy for her. She just listens to her heart and tries to find out what is best for her. Many times you need to go from error to error just to learn about yourself. Soon you realize that you know yourself better than you used to. You know better what is good for you. You know what you really want in your life and your life will be much happier than it used to be. 

Trust yourself and don´t be scared of making mistakes. There are not such things as mistakes. They are opportunities to learn about yourself, opportunities to grow. Take them as lessons and you don´t need to feel guilty or shame. You can forget blaming yourself. After all you are here to learn and teach. Every lesson you learn is something that you can teach to others. Living your own life the way you really want to, is the best way to teach others. You are a living example of succeeding in life. I cannot imagine anyone succeeding better than the person who lives the life she truly desires. 

Merja Laukkanen