Helpers from The Other Side

I have always seen and felt things that others couldn´t. As a child it made me confused and more than that, it made people around me confused. I was told not to tell spooky stories to other children. I didn´t, I only told what I saw. And every night I saw these beautiful creatures above my bed. They made me feel good and comfortable, because no matter where I was, they were there too. They never left me alone. I felt this warm loving energy around me. I saw how these beautiful energy creatures changed they shapes in the air. They were real to touch even nobody else saw them. They felt a bit like electrical. But very loving and warm way. It is hard to describe it. I could really feel the energy. 

Sometimes I had three (kind of like) human shaped figures standing beside my bed. They weren´t exactly like human shaped because they weren´t humans and I knew that. They were my friends from the Spiritual world. They had no names but I knew them. I knew that they had been there since I was born. They were there to help and guide me. I remember they were comforting me at nights. They gave me healing energy that my spirit needed. They reminded me of the other world. They didn´t want me to forget where we all are from; The Love and Light. 

Nobody else that I knew back then as a child saw or felt anything similar to what I did. That´s why I felt lonely. I so badly wanted to talk about those things and find out more about it, but I was told to be quiet. I was not allowed to talk about them. I was told that if I saw things that nobody else did, I was crazy. That really scared me. Not that I thought I was crazy, but the fact that I felt I couldn´t trust anyone near me. There was not a single adult who wanted to hear me and understand that what I saw was real to me, and there was nothing to be afraid of. Because of all this I stopped talking about these things. It made me feel cautious because I had to watch out for what I could say or do. 

I remember I could also read other peoples energies. If they had a problem, I saw it. It was really confusing to see that people were having problems, but you were never allowed to mention them. As a child I often put myself in a difficult position by asking questions you were not allowed to ask. I couldn´t know that you aren´t supposed to ask things like that. I knew if someone was cheating on his wife or somebody was going to have a divorce and things like that. I once tried to explain that to my parents. For me it was just like all that was written on peoples forehead. It was that simple. But I learned quickly not to ask anything about those things I saw, or felt. Now as an adult I feel blessed to be able to see into Spiritual World. It is a true blessing to understand that we are so much more than we might think we are. 

You are so much more powerful than you believe. The Spiritual World is there for everybody, not just for people who can feel and see it. Take a look at the worlds beauty and know in your heart that it is a reflection of our souls. This world and this life on the Earth is a blessing too. Everything here is to remind you for your Spiritual origin in Love and Light. Once you remember that, your life will never be the same again. It is filled with miracles and beauty. You start searching your true self and you realize how amazing person you actually are.


Merja Laukkanen