Connect with Nature

Our beautiful nature plays a big role in this world. We need it to survive here on Earth. It helps us various ways also on energetic and spiritual levels. 

We need to send love to nature. Animals, trees, rocks, rivers, seas. Nature vibrates on levels of love. It never wants anything harm to us. Everything you see around you loves you, so best thing you can do is to give back love. 

Trees can absorb a lot of negativity from you if you are willing to accept their help. Go to the forest or park, or whatever place feels good to you. Look around you. Breath in the vibration of the trees. Feel how the trees are there with you. Ask them to take away your burden, ask them to absorb the negative energy from you. Then just stay quiet and let the nature heal you. You can give away your pain, your repetitive thoughts that haunt you. You can set yourself free, you don’t need to survive on your own. Our beautiful nature is always there for us.

You should know that everything you see in your life is there to help and guide you. Nothing happens accidentally. Everything exists for a reason. You are here for a reason. So is nature. Give respect to it. Thank it everyday for providing you food, water and air that your breath. Find a connection with nature. It is a great healer, if you only let it. 

Look at the stars at night. How beautiful they are! Let your mind rest while watching stars. Let it wander on the miracles of life. Breath in happy and joyful energy. Feel the gratitude of having a chance to witness all this beauty. Be as one with nature. Feel the love, feel how it flows from your heart and spreads around you. Understand that nature is a friend of yours. Treat it that way and you can benefit from it the rest of your life.


Merja Laukkanen