Let go

Let go of all the things that you no longer need. Things that no longer serve you. In order to move forward you need to let of go of old. It means getting rid of not only negative thoughts and all the material things you don´t need anymore but also those habits that holds you back. They can be something like talking to yourself in negative or critical way, eating unhealthy food or lacking of exercise.

Sometimes you may feel like you really wanted to move on and you may have done a thing or two to change your life, but you still seem to be at the same place again and again. Don´t worry, it only means that there is still something that you need to do or leave behind. Sometimes it can be just a lesson of patience to learn. The Universe sees that you are ready but there is something else that has to be done before your big change. So be patient. Everything happens at the right time for you and for everyone else. Remember, that whatever your change is, it affects to other people too. Trust that the Universe knows the bigger plan.  

Sometimes letting go of old things and habits is not that easy. You can start by cleaning your home to keep the energies up. Give away everything you don´t need anymore, because your attachment to those items holds you back. I do this over and over again at least a few times in a year. Sometimes I find it hard to give away something I don´t even like. It only means that there is a lot of energy attached to that item, and I really need to get it out of my house. It is affecting me in a negative way: I don´t like it, but seem not to be able to give it away either. Afterwards I always realize how much lighter I feel after getting rid of it. 

It is amazing how happy it can make you to let go of things. I highly recommend you to give it a try. And remember that when you give from your heart, you make space for the new to come. Energy flows where ever there is space. The bigger things you let go of the more you are able to receive.

After making space for a new to come, it is time to set your thoughts on a new level. The most important thing is to be nice to yourself. Be friends with your mind and your body. You are not only your body, but remember that it carries you and your soul here on Earth. So respect it. Love yourself as a whole. Always talk to yourself respectful way, tell yourself that you are beautiful. Because you are. Find out what you really like and give yourself time for that. No matter if it´s a walk in a nature, a good book or a piece of apple pie. You are worth it. Let go of negative self talk and take a first step to a new, positive and loving energy. 

Merja Laukkanen