License to live

We are allowed to make the best of our lives. Living under pressures from outside makes life harder than it should be. We all have our struggles in life. They makes us who we are, but it´s our decision to keep walking instead of staying dwelling on negative things. We have a choice and we should make the most of this amazing life. You should truly live every day of your life as you wish. Not the way somebody else is telling you to. Often we think that other people are expecting us to do certain things, even they aren´t. We look into others to get an approval for our own lives and decisions, when the only person who´s approval you need is yourself. 

You should love yourself enough to live the life that you want. Never let anybody else to tell you what you should or should not do. How can they know what´s the best for you? Only You can know that. Even in times when you feel you don´t. The answer is in your heart. Always. Get friends with your heart because only then you can feel whole. We need our heart energy. Without having a connection with your heart you cannot see the deeper truths of life. You can´t see the things underneath. Even in times of struggling there is a deeper meaning for all of that. Accepting that everything happens for a reason, gives you strength to go on. It gives you peaceful harbor in a middle of a storm. 


Merja Laukkanen