Believe in Yourself

Have you ever had that one thing in your life that always made you happy and feel good? Singing, dancing, acting, writing. Maybe you have always felt close to animals or perhaps you love teaching. Whatever your thing is, nurture it. It is your speciality. Let it take a form of a dream. Let it grow. Nourish it with positive thoughts and affirmations. Remember that you can do something that nobody else can. Not the way you do it. Never doubt yourself, believe that you are here for a reason, you are here to do miracles. You can make a difference in this world just by being you and following your heart. We are all pieces of a great puzzle and thus important for this world. We are all needed here to lift the consciousness to a new level. 

It might be unbelievable to hear that you are so important and so special to this world. But you are. With your unique gift you can not only bring joy to the people but truly change the frequency of this planet. You´ve probably heard once or twice, that one person cannot change the world. It´s not true. As a matter of fact, you are changing it already. Knowingly or not, you are impacting to the worlds energies. Everything you do changes the energies in and around you. Should you pay attention to your acts more? Yes you should! Make conscious decisions every day and you can see how things around you changes. 

Believe in yourself, because you are so precious. Whatever is calling you, accept that as a sign from the Universe. Believe in your heart, because your heart and soul are connected to the Light and Love. Your heart can hear the whispers of your angels, even the times your ears cannot. We all are God´s beloved children, born in Light and Love, to bring happiness and joy to this world. Take a conscious step to really share your gift with this world. The Universe is longing for you to take action and it shall guide and protect you every second on your path. Be a miracle that you already are.

Merja Laukkanen