Little about levels and dimension

There are different levels and dimensions in our Universe. One of them is this physical world where we live in our physical bodies. That often makes us tend to believe that our bodies are who we are, which isn´t true. Our bodies are just one level of our existence. It is not everything we are. First of all we are spiritual beings. We are born in Light and Love. We all have the same origin. We all are one. From that Light and Love, we´ve born to live here in this physical world. We have a privilege to live here on Earth to learn and to teach. We all are students and teachers at the same time. Energy flows in both ways. You give and you get. You teach and you learn. 

We don’t´have to walk our path alone here on the Earth. We will receive help and guidance from spiritual world. That is something that is there for all of us, yet not everybody is aware of it. Living strongly in a physical level can distance us from our spiritual self. Nevertheless it is always there for us. All we need to do is to be aware of that possibility. We have angels around us to help and protect us. We have guides who are giving signs for us to make our path easier to walk. We are never alone. We have all the support we ever need. You just need to remember that you can choose whether to accept the guidance or not. Nobody can force you to take a certain step, it is always your decision. Sometimes, though, life becomes unbearable if you do not take the step or make the next move. That is when the Universe is literally shouting you to listen to the guidance, because there are so much you can give to others. The Universe wants you to become the best version of yourself. To shine brightly and be the light for the others.We all have gifts and qualities that nobody else does. Live your life by giving from your heart and you will be rewarded by receiving abundantly. Each and everyone of us are important and we should always see that light in others too. The light is what we all have in common. Even you would´t be able to see it, it is there. The sparkle of our spirituality, the sparkle of our origin in Love. And Love is all that is.