Dream Big

This is something that the Universe keeps telling me right now: Dream Big. And when I say Big, I mean BIG. I was given an advice about what it means to dream Big in a scale of the Universe. I was told to pick up a dream that I have in my heart and make it Big. ”Okei”, I said, ”I have it now in my mind.” So I heard this voice saying ”Dear child, we said dream Big.” I was surprised because what I had in my mind was big to me. It was so big that I didn´t have a courage to even dream about it a year ago. 

Guides told me that I needed to forget all the limits. I should get rid of everything that keeps me small. Because how was I able to grow if I kept limiting myself? How could I Dream Big if I did´t believe that everything was possible? 


Dreaming Big means thinking about a dream that you have in your heart. Then you dream it bigger. Imagine how it explodes and deepens. It takes new colors and shapes, it multiplies to be limitless. Let that dream take a shape that amazes you, that really blows your mind. Because if is not big enough it doesn´t make your heart bounce. 

Take a look at your dream now. Isn´t it beautiful and great? Isn´t it something that you´ve never even had a courage to think for yourself? If yes, than well done! If it makes you heart race and your soul sing, you are dreaming Big. And believe me, you can be anything you want. Universe is guiding you to take new steps on your path. It is telling you to have a courage to be yourself.


We are meant to have everything that we need, and we have a right to live an abundant life. We have a power to create. So Dream Big, dear child<3


Merja Laukkanen