Because you are worth it

It is our job to make our lives worthwhile. We can´t just wait for somebody or something to make things better, to make us happy. We have a responsibility to really live each and every moment. We owe that to Universe. The Universe will give us everything we´ll ever need. We are meant to live an abundant life.

 We have a power to create any kind of life we want. Our thoughts today creates our tomorrow. Be grateful for everything you have and you never lack anything. Think big, because you can change not only your life but the whole world too. Never ever settle, because you can shine brightly. You can be anything you´ve ever dreamed of. Believe in your dreams, take action accordingly and you are already walking your path. We all have our strengths and skills. We need to accept our uniqueness and start shining. Get to know yourself. Learn to love your gifts, even if you didn´t know what to do with them yet. Don´t worry, Universe will take over and lead you to your path and show you how to be useful. Have a courage to be yourself. Nobody has exactly the same qualities that you have. Show your passion. You have so much to give. Never doubt yourself, focus on your dreams. Open up to the guidance of the Universe and let the flow of energy fill you with love. We have a power to make a difference in this life. 

 Living a fulfilled and successful life is for everybody. Also it is up to us how to define success. Money is not everything, it does not tell how we as a human being. For me living a happy and successful life means being comfortable in my own skin. Being grateful for things that I have, living in guidance of the Universe, being open to life and it´s surprises, doing things that I love, things that makes me feel good about myself. Doing things that makes me laugh and love.

Your happiness is in your hands. Change your thoughts and you change your future. Because your are worth it <3


Merja Laukkanen