Listen to your heart

We have all heard it many times as an advice to our problems in life: "Listen to your heart." What does that actually mean? What means to listen to your heart and why is that so important? We do hundreds of decisions every day, most of them automatically. Small things like what to wear, should I use a car or go by a bus etc. But what comes to more important decisions, we need to give our attention to it. Only reasoning won´t necessarily take you to the right place. This is the time to listen to your heart. And how do you do that then? Should you expect to hear actual words from your heart when you ask the question in silence? Probably not. Some of us do though. The thing is to be in a connection with your heart. Sit down for a moment, breath in and out to feel both your body and your mind. You can even put your hand on your heart to really feel it. At the point you feel that your mind and body are connected, and you can feel your heart, think the question you have on your mind. Think over all the choices you already have. Give attention to the feelings each of the choices gives you. What decision makes you feel good? Makes you feel happy about yourself? What answer or decision takes you to a next step on your path? Remember, that this is Your life and you have to deal with it. Everybody around you may have an opinion about you and your life, even they are not walking in your shoes. Do you really want to listen to somebody who does not know what´s the best for you? 

In your heart there´s Love. Love cannot hate. Love cannot fear. Therefore you can´t do any harm to yourself or to anybody else by following your hearts desires. Be brave and take action accordingly. When you are doing things out of love, you are doing good for yourself and to the others. Always. Because that´s how it is in the Universe. Actions of love causes only love. You can only spread love around you by following your heart. 

Do you start seeing now why it is so important to us to listen to our heart? That is the easiest way to shine and spread love and feel good about yourself all the time, every day in your life.

Merja Laukkanen