Focus on Inside

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that the strength we are looking for is inside of us. We often ask for other people to give us a confirmation that we are making a right -or at least- a good decision. Thing is, we don´t trust ourselves if we look for other people´s approval. When we are confident in our intentions and actions, we know what to do and when to do it. 

How do we know it then? When we live in alignment with the Universe, we are connected with our heart and soul. Our heart is a great leader. It guides us to the right direction. You need to understand that your heart has all the answers already. It gives you signs all the time. If you look for outside to find courage and strength, you are dependent of others approval. You believe that you cannot make the decision on your own, because you are not enough. When you are connected with your heart, you do not need anybody to tell you what to do. You are taking charge of your own happiness by claiming your power. 

When you are living in your own strength, you are able to take care of yourself and others as well. You don´t need to pull anybody down anymore. Instead you begin to lift others up. You have everything it takes to do what you want to do, no matter what everyone else thinks and says about it. You are able to walk your own path and help others to walk on theirs. You are being helped and guided on your way. You do not ever need to worry about a thing anymore because you know that you are being taken care of. 

So look inside. Look for the strength inside you. Trust yourself and the guidance you are getting. Once you find the strength inside of you, you are never asking for others approval anymore. Then you know that you are being loved and you will have everything you ever need in your life. You are pushed to a right direction. You can trust your heart to show you your way. You have everything it takes to fill your life purpose. You are strong and you are beautiful<3       

Merja Laukkanen