Look Through the Eyes of Love

When you get disappointed with someone, take a close look of your feelings. Look where they come and why. Why are you disappointed? Usually you first come up with something like ”She was not trustworthy” or ”He does not understand what´s best for him”. You feel that you have every right to be mad or disappointed. Once you let those thoughts go you´ll begin to understand that those feelings actually came from ego. Your ego is telling you that he or she just hurt your feelings. But that´s not true. The truth is that nobody can hurt your feelings. 

When you look at the situation through the eyes of love, you´ll see that there is no reason to be disappointed. You´ll see that your disappointment comes from your own expectations that were different than the outcome. You wanted somebody act in a certain way and when this did not happen you got disappointed. With eyes of love you´ll see that it was his/her business all the time, not yours. You need to make a difference between your business and other´s business. You can do what ever you decide to do in your life. You are free to choose whatever the life you want to. Just remember that so are everyone else. You cannot be mad at decisions other people make for themselves. It´s their life, their decisions.  

Every time you don´t feel good about your life, make a change. Do as your heart says. That is the best way to show an example for others to follow their dreams. Let them follow your example, but do not expect them to. Remember that you do the best you can at the moment, so does others. Be there for them, show light and give love. Always forgive. Never give up.


Merja Laukkanen