Happy Christmas <3

Christmas is here and it´s the time of the year that most people want to spend with their loved ones. They can be family or friends. Some might want to give extra time for their pets. Point is that we all want to feel love. We want to give love and receive love. That is why Christmas is a good time to donate for charity. Giving is the fastest way to feel love. Remember that speaking lovingly from your heart to other people is helping too. 

There are a lot of people in this world who have nothing. Most of us has a lot. We have a home, small or big, but a home. We have food to eat and beds where we can sleep our nights. There are thousands of things we can be grateful for. Count your blessings tonight. Tomorrow you´ll feel happy to donate some money or something you don´t need anymore for someone who´s in need. Be an angel for someone<3

When you give from your heart, you are receiving at the same time. The Universe is making sure that you are going to get what ever you need. Give and share freely, because you live in an abundance. Once you realize it you never lack anything. Everything you need comes in a right time. Just be open to receive. Accept help when someone offers it to you, it is receiving too. Follow your inner guidance to live happier and more joyful life feeling connected with the Universe and other people. 

Take some time for yourself in a next few days to receive the love that Christmas time brings for everyone. Have a walk in a woods or in a park and breath in the fresh air. Let yourself breath in the energy of nature around you. Feel the connection through your heart. Give space for your inner work. Something that takes place in your heart. Enjoy the silence. Let things arise into your consciousness and follow the guidance. 

Merry Christmas everybody<3 I love you all<3

Merja Laukkanen