Once you start to understand that you are so much more than just your physical body, that you are a spiritual person, you might feel some kind of inconvenience. Things that you used to like may not seem to be your favorites anymore. You begin to look the whole world with different eyes. You see everything from a different angle. Things are not the same anymore, at least not for you. Seeing everything with deeper understanding can truly shaken your world.

Looking everything from a new perspective can make you feel uncomfortable about your life. You may want to take better care of your environment. Maybe you start eating more vegetables or start eating plant based. You realize that taking care of yourself is most important thing in order to take care of others. You can´t put yourself last anymore. Feeling happy and energized makes it possible for you to do good for others. 

You will soon realize that there are no going back anymore. Even you feel your life is in a turmoil, you cant go back. You can´t close your eyes anymore. Once you are waken, you have to change your life accordingly. After those changes your life will express better your current energy and you begin to feel good again. The better you are connected with the Universe, the better you notice if there´s need for new changes in your life. You have an inner radar that tells you whether you are true to yourself or not. Be grateful for your new sensitivity, even it may seem hard at first.

You´ll be doing great! Remember, the Universe has your back!

Merja Laukkanen