Love Yourself First

We all are aware that we should treat others with love and respect. Very often though we judge people when we actually needed to love them. It could be only because they do things differently than we do. Maybe they act the way we don´t understand. Still, we should treat others with respect. Sometimes it can feel very difficult to love other people. We might be afraid of them, just because we don´t know them or understand they way of living. Being different does not mean being a bad person. It can only mean being yourself. 

In order to accept other people as they are, we need to accept ourselves as we are. As long as you cannot love yourself, you cannot love other people. Once you truly follow your heart and embrace your uniqueness, you can embrace life and other people too. When you have courage to follow your dreams, you allow that for others as well. If you are stuck in your life and somebody else seems to do just fine on his/her own way, you might think that he/she is not living by the book. You are right, he/she is not. That person does not accept the rules of living from outside. She makes them herself. She does not do as she is supposed to do in opinion of others. She lives as she thinks is best for her. 

Love yourself. Love yourself and others, because you are living with divine light in your heart. We all are allowed to follow our heart´s desires. Allow yourself do magic in this world and you begin to see magic in your life everyday. Once you start living by following your heart, it becomes easy for you to respect others on their path. Love yourself first, then you can love other people as well. 

Merja Laukkanen