Choose Your Thoughts

Our thoughts creates our life. As simple as that. Still it´s hard to truly understand. It´s not about thinking only a car you want or your dream job. It means every thought counts. We have thousands of thoughts going through our minds in a day. If you are not conscious about it you don´t even know what you are thinking. Your thoughts change your emotions and energy, and your energy attracts everything into your life. People, circumstances, ideas. Anything you come across during your day is something you have invoked with your energies. That is why it´s so important to choose your thoughts. 

Every morning before getting up from bed, take some time for yourself. Meditate for few minutes just to get your energies together. Don´t let anything else effect on you before you fell the balance. When you step up from bed in balance, nothing can get your energies down. You are strong and you can choose your reactions. In unbalanced state you just react to things without being able to take control over it. If that happens to you, take some time on your own. Breath in and out and let your thoughts and emotions just come and go. Find that balanced state inside of you. When you find it, you can spread it to others too.

Decide that you accept only thoughts that help you and others. Choose to let criticism go, leave anger and jealousy out of your day. Choose to accept everything as they are. If it´s something unfavorable, find the meaning in it. There is a lesson to learn for you or than it´s a simple guidance: This is not your thing, something better is coming up for you. Enjoy your success and enjoy other people´s success. Remember that because they could made it, it only means so can you! When you are sincerely happy for others, you lift up your own energies as well. It means that you are closer to getting a bigger and better life for you.

Choose to be happy and generous because you can afford it. The Universe has got your back! 

Merja Laukkanen