We All Are One

We all are one. We are not separate from others. We are individuals with different dreams and hopes but yet we are one. You can ́t do bad for someone without hurting yourself too. All the good things you do for others, you do for yourself too. When you realize that treating everyone as you want to be treated is the only way, it becomes easy to do good things for others. Treating other people with respect is treating yourself with respect. Know that and you never want to do harm for others. It makes everything more understandable. Even when somebody treats you wrong you can do the right thing, because you know that you are being good to yourself too.

Angels want us to remember that every good work we do is coming back to us multiplied. You can give for others knowing that you will have everything you need. The more you give, the more you have. Money, time, knowledge, you get it all back, so feel free to give. Feel happiness when giving because you are sharing love. We all know how happy it makes us to get help when we need it. Think how happy you feel every time you ́ve had a chance to help someone. It raises your energy and it makes you feel good. Giving from your heart is so important. It makes a huge difference in the world.

When ever you confront a difficult situation with someone, remember that you are one and whatever your reaction is, is a reaction towards yourself too. Respect others and respect yourself. Giving only because you can ́t say no, is not real giving. It is sacrificing. It is easy to know which is which. Giving from your heart makes you feel good, happy and warm inside. Giving because you feel that you have to, makes you feel inadequate. It doesn ́t make you proud of yourself, it makes you feel used.

Be open to give and to receive<3

Merja Laukkanen