You Are Enough

Living in the world where everything is measured can sometimes make you feel like inadequate. You may feel that you are not succeed enough or you don´t make enough money. Maybe you feel you should exercise more. Comparing your life with other´s can give you a feeling that you are not enough. That is not true. You are enough. You were born here for a reason to live a life only you can have. You were born with qualities that makes you unique. Whatever you confront in your life is for your growth. To make you realize how powerful you actually are.

Love yourself from inside out. Right here, right now, you are perfect and exactly where you need to be. Everything that has ever happened to you is to show you your own beauty and power. Never let anybody tell you that there´s something wrong with you. You are perfect. Accepting you as who you truly are, is the key to reveal your inner power. Use your special gifts to share love and light to this world. Whatever you feel right in your heart, just keep going!

If you feel your life is not what you want it to be, accept that this is where you are right now. Accept yourself and decisions you´ve made. It gives you a freedom from feeling guilt about yourself. Forgive yourself and let past things stay past. Start living here and now. It only natters what you are now, how you live your life now. Have peace with you past and present. Have peace with yourself. From here and now you can create a future you always wanted. 

Remember that you are enough. You´ve always been. You are a sparkle of light and love<3

Merja Laukkanen