Follow the Light

Whenever you have a decision to make, do as you feel what is right. Sometimes it´s easier said than done. You may feel pressure to make a certain decision. Maybe there are people near you expecting you to do something that is usually for their favor. Trust people who courages you to do what´s the best for you. You may feel letting people down because you are choosing for yourself. Don´t worry, you are not letting anybody down. Following your inner guidance and doing what´s the best for you, gives other people a chance to grow. You can inspire people around you by living your life courageously.

Always follow the light. Where´s your heart, there´s the light. Be the one who stands up for himself in order to have a better life for yourself and others. Very often we have forgotten one of the basic rules of the Universe: Do what you love. It is simple rule, but has an incredible power hidden in it. Remember that the Universe is working for you, with you. When you have your heart in something, the Universe is working with you. Your intention to accomplish something, your feelings whilst doing it and the amount of love you put in it, determines how fast you will get it. The more love you put in it, the faster you´ll get there. Keep your intentions clear. Keep your thoughts only in positive outcome. Don´t give energy to anything other than what you want.

If you are not sure what to do next, just ask for help from the Universe. Angels and guides are there for you. They show you the way. Choose always the decision that makes you feel good. It´s the easiest way to make decisions. When your heart agrees with it, you are choosing right. 
Follow the light. Be the light<3

Merja Laukkanen