Premonition Dreams

Have you ever had a dream at night that becomes a reality? You may have a warning about something you should avoid or maybe it ́s about some amazing thing that is about to happen to you. When I started to have these kinds of dreams as a teenager they scared me a bit because at first I only saw deaths and sicknesses. Later on I began to see births and other happy things too. After having that kind of a dream and seeing it happen in real life, made me fear that it was something I caused. After a while I learned that what I saw was information. It was for me to believe that it is possible to know what it is about to happen. I learned to understand that some things are meant to happen and some things you can avoid if you act when you are warned. If it is somebody ́s time to leave to the Light, they leave, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. 

Seeing somebody ́s death is scary at first. It means letting go of someone. If that person is someone close to you it gives you a time to deal with it. Sometimes the information you get could help someone else. You may also have dreams where you talk with people who passed away. Then you should deliver that message to the person whom it is concerned. 

Do not be scared of these dreams. You are not one who makes them up, you are a messenger. You job is to deliver the messages of love from the other side. These are signs to show you that you are taken care of. You are never alone. You can always get help from the other side. Angels and guides are there for you. The Universe wants for your best and is ready to show you the way. Trust your heart, trust the Universe.

Merja Laukkanen