Deceased Loved Ones

Our deceased loved ones never leave us. Death does not mean the end. It means the end of life of our physical body, but our soul never dies. You can talk to them and you can hear them answering to you. Sometimes you can hear an actual voice. Often you feel their loving presence just as you used to feel it when they were still with you. Their answers could be feelings you get, when thinking about them. You can feel how they are encouraging you to do things. To go forward. They want your best only. 

Most of the time people hesitate way too much whether to do something or not. Whether they can do it or not. Well, you can´t know it if you don´t try, right? Our friends and family from the spiritual world want us to live to the fullest. They want you to experience things, explore the world and all the possibilities in life. Life is not meant to be serious business. Purpose of your life is not avoiding mistakes. Trying to avoid making any mistakes makes you living cautious life. That way you can´t let yourself to find out how powerful you actually are. You can´t live all your life in your comfort zone. You need to step out of there to find that you can be so much more than you believe. There are endless possibilities waiting for you to start accepting that you are so much more. 

If you have lost someone near, you might think that you can never let them know how much you love them. You might be afraid that you never get help from them anymore. When you realize that you are connected with them, no matter if they live here on Earth or in spiritual world, you can feel they presence again. You can get help from them just as you used to when they were here with you. Love never ends. Changing dimension means that love multiplies. In spiritual dimension you know that love is all that you are. Love is all that there is. People from spiritual world can channel us so much love. Stay connected and you feel never alone.

Merja Laukkanen