Live Bigger Life

Let yourself be bigger. Let yourself be better than you used to be. Let yourself learn new things without any limitations. Let yourself love more than you used to. 

Our guides from the spiritual world want our happiness. They want us to see life as an adventure. Do not settle. Look for things that makes your heart sing. Be grateful for what you have and look for new opportunities to explore life. 

You have no limitations. You can be whatever you want. You can have everything in your life. You don´t need to push to keep things going. Enjoy the flow, let it take you forward. Just be open to new possibilities. Say YES for chances to do something you have never done before. Don´t doubt yourself. Trust. You can do it, because you will learn on the way. You will find that you have what it takes. You get help and guidance, just be open to that. Listen to your intuition. It is your heart whispering to you. It is the Universe showing you where to look, where to go. 

Every time you say to yourself that you can´t do something, it a delay. The universe has to wait until you are ready to go. The Universe can shake your life upside down if needed, but you have to be the one to take the step. You have to tell yourself that you can and you will. With no limitations. Just new amazing adventures. Believe that you are worth all these exciting plans that the Universe has for you. 

You are an important part of this world. There is a reason why you are living on the Earth right now. You are pure light and love inside of you. Let it show. Give, share, love and be happy. That way you will change your life into a spiritual journey with incredible adventures. You are made to live in a flow. Breathe it, embrace it. Be he flow. Be the light<3

Merja Laukkanen