Let It Flow

We need to understand that we can´t hold on to things in order to maintain stability in our lives. When big changes occurs in your life and you feel like a windstorm is blowing your way, you want to hold on to whatever is still left in your life. It may seem like a wise thing to do. You may believe that holding on those things is the only way not to lose them too. It´s not true. Actually, it just puts you on hold. You can´t move forward in your life as long as you are stuck with the old. 

The Universe is asking you to let things go. Trust that everything important will remain. Rest of things will be replaced with something new and better. Things you don´t need, disappears. You don´t need to know what should stay and what should go. Especially, if you are uncertain about something, give it to the Universe. You will have everything that´s necessary for your new phase in your life. 

Holding on to things keeps your energy stuck. It means there is not flow, and when there is not flow the new can´t come. Energy is moving constantly and you need to let it do so. Feel the flow, accept the change. Listen to your heart and follow your inner wisdom. Listen to the guidance of the Universe. Do not fight against the change and the constant movement of energy. Embrace it as a gift. 

The Universe is working for you. You are important and needed here. Imagine that you have a purpose that is so much bigger than you could ever think of. Imagine that someone knows exactly what it is. That someone is God. The whole Universe is guiding you on your path. The Universe wants you to find your purpose. Let it do that for you. Enjoy the change and welcome the new.


Merja Laukkanen