Angels´ Messages

I was on a vacation with my family last week. It was beautiful to notice how angels are guiding and taking care of us no matter were we are. During the days they left white feathers for me to show their presence and support.

First day on beach I watched my youngest daughter playing in the sea. She is 9 years old and is a great swimmer. Still, as a mother, I looked after her a bit nervous and asked angels to keep us all safe. Exactly at that moment I saw a beautiful white feather right on my feet. I knew that angels were there with us. I felt safe and I could relax and trust that we were all taken care of.

Another day my daughter and I wanted to go on a dolphin trip. It was pretty windy there but it was the only chance for us to see the dolphins. I knew how much it meant for my daughter to get to see those amazing animals in their natural environment, but I was afraid I´d get seasick. I get easily sick in a moving car and I can´t go on a rollercoaster for the same reason. I asked angels to help me and take care of us both so that we could see dolphins. I asked angels to give me magnets on my acupressure points so that I would feel ok on the trip. I felt how my face was touched and I could actually feel the effect of the magnets. I felt warmness in my chest and I knew I would be just fine.

When the boat left the harbor I was really nervous because of the waves were rocking the boat. We were given plastic bags in case of seasickness. Our guide told us that we were lucky because the dolphins were really close the harbor that day, they were much closer than usual. I thanked angels for that, I knew they were helping us. 

I don´t know anything better than seeing the dolphins swimming and playing in the sea, apart from the face of my daughter when she was watching them. That was the highlight of our whole vacation for her.

A lot of people were seasick but I felt great, as did my daughter. I told my daughter that I had asked angels to help us and explained that it was really working. Right that moment we saw a white feather floating in front of us on the big wave. My daughter said ”Look Mom, that feather means that what you said is correct. Angels are helping us!” <3

Our flight back to Finland was a little bumpy. I´m not afraid of flying anymore but asked angels to take care of us anyway. A flight attendant gave me a blanket to get some rest and when I opened it, I found a tiny white feather attached to it. How beautiful! All the way long we were protected and taken care of. 

There is nothing to worry about, ever! We are protected and taken care of all the time. All we need to do is trust and let the Universe make the arrangements for us. <3 <3 <3

Merja Laukkanen